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Cost Effective, On-Site, Portable Storage Containers - Secured Storage, Easy Access Metal Storage Containers



20’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H


19’3” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H 



40’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H


39’6” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H

40' Reefer




38’ L x 7’6” W x 8’3” H

20' New & Used

Exterior: 20’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H
Interior: 19’3” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H

Direct from China these containers have been on one trip across the Pacific then up the coast to Alaska, these units generally come with fork pockets, high handles, lock boxes, varnished floors and extra vents to keep all your valuables safe and secure through all of our seasons. 20'x8'x8'6"

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40' New & Used

Exterior: 40’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H
Interior: 39’6” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H

Available pre ordered we can get new model boxes for our customers. These boxes are in great condition and come up here the same way as the new 20's up the coast but due to low demand we keep little to none on hand so order yours well before you need one.

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40' Reefer

Exterior: Insulated
Interior: 38’ L x 7’6” W x 8’3” H

These former refrigerated units can be the perfect solution for your shop, bunks, break room, heated storage, and anything else you can think of. Generally these units are H/C and run a premium over the steel containers but offer a serious advantage with insulation installed from the factory. Add heat, lights, switches and outlets with ease to these units

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Specialty Equipment

Open Tops, Open Sides, Non standard sizing. Typically needs to be ordered but we try to keep something unique on hand all year.

Used vs One Trip

Used containers that we carry are retired from ocean use after years of service. They provide great secure storage. They come in all colors and usually show signs of wear and tear from their years of use.

One Trips are ordered from manufacturers prior to going into service on the ocean. We have them used one way to get them to Alaska to keep the cost down for you. Because we order them for ground use they have high handles for easier access. Lock boxes to protect your belongings and uniform colors so you can match them now or in the future.

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