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Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs, 20', 40' or 40' H/C on our site or yours. These units are available year round and for years at a time providing service that will not fade in our lifetimes. Generally delivery would be available within 48-72 hours but due to high and slow periods we may be booked out. If needed immediately we can work some evenings and weekends for an additional fee.

We keep our onsite rentals in a dedicated area with a U driveway for 24/7 access. We have done our best to ensure that all our storage units are accessible by standard vehicles to allow the easiest loading and unloading for your possessions.


When delivering a storage unit to your site we request that you examine your location to ensure that our trucks can deliver your unit. We generally need an 10' by 100' long flat path so we can drop your 40' rental and then pull 60' of tractor trailer straight out from underneath it and pick it up the same way. Some locations simply do not allow for a 40' container to be placed on site but we would be happy to work with you on getting two 20' units to provide the same amount of storage space.

If you are still unsure if your location can support our needs for delivery please give us a call 907-276-0223 we would be happy to recon the location the next time we are in the area and discuss with you the options we can provide usually within 48-72 hour notice.

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